How much does it cost to have a tree removed?

Prices vary depending on the status of the tree. How large is it? Is it a dead or healthy tree? What species of tree is it? These questions determined the average cost of removing a tree.

On average, removing a tree costs around $300 to $1300, with most paying somewhere in the $600- $700 range. Big projects like a massive, dead tree may hit 2000$ while small trees that are easily removed may be as low as 150$. Most professional tree removal service considers the accessibility of the tree and how complicated it is to remove it.

Professionals usually put tree removals in 3 different categories.

Small - Trees in this category are usually under 30 feet tall
Medium - A Tree that is between 30 to 60 feet fall in this category
Tall - Any tree that is above 60 feet

Some additional services such as stump removal or grinding and cleanup can be available in combination with a removal. This may raise the cost but is usually cheaper than having them done at a different time.

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