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How To Trim Tree Limbs Too High To Reach?

What can you do if a large, thick branch needs to be cut and it is impossible to reach the limb from below? There are many options, from using a rope and a harness to using the pole saw. How to cut tree branches too high to reach is something you need to be able to do. High branches can be dangerous.**

Advice on How to Cut Tree Limbs That are Too High
Evaluate for Cracks


Cracks indicate that the tree is weakening based on its weight. In this situation, you would put your hands and feet on a stronger limb. You could also have someone on the ground and spot you in case you fall. If not, then you would go the expensive route and use an aerial lift.

Harness and Ropes
Your first instinct is to climb up the tree. This could be a high risk because you assume the structure of the limb is stable. Evergreen trees are one of the safest as it doesn’t entail any hazards.

The harder ones to climb would be the ones where branches are too close together. This typically requires a professional climber. They use a harness and a rope system to reach the height that is needed. Once you reach the unstable limb, you’ll need to prune the branch with a saw or shears to promote future growth.

The best way to carry the pruning tools while climbing is around your body where you avoid hitting your legs.

What is a Bucket Lift?


This is a piece of equipment that professionals use for high-up tree trimmings. As a property owner, you have the ability to rent a bucket lift. You can find one that you pull with a truck or you can have it delivered to your property.

There are multiple functions and sizes for bucket lifts.

Once you find the perfect spot you need, the outriggers can keep it secure. Pruners would be helpful to reach the tree canopies where you want to cut off.

If you have a limb beyond 125ft, you can look for commercial self- propelling lifts. You’ll need to consider the safety protocols in operating this type of machinery if you choose this option.

Also, consider the surroundings like plants or a fence if you are using this large bucket lift. Try to avoid areas that are hilly.

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What about a Pole Saw?


If you have a branch or limb where the diameter is bigger than 11/2 inches, you may look into a pole saw for cutting. The pole saw has a curvy blade that cuts towards the upper part of the limb.

The pole saw has a motion like tugging on it. This can be a more difficult tool since it is free from pinching-like motion. The second you see the branch is falling downwards, this is an indication to cut faster so it doesn’t tear too much from the bark of the tree.

When do you need to call a Skilled Arborist?


Trimming branches can be dangerous when not performed properly. It’s never worth putting your well-being at risk. Give a professional arborist a call, like ours at Hank’s Tree Pros Service, to have the limbs trim down without the risk.

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