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Hire an Experienced and Certified Arborist to Handle Stump Grinding 

Do you have a couple of unsightly stumps just taking up space on your property? Now whether they were left there by the previous owner or perhaps you never got down to cleaning up the stumps, you need to consider removing them. It will free up yard space and make it safer for you and the family to use. However, stump removal is something we don’t recommend that you do yourself. Not only is it dangerous, but you could end up doing more harm than good to all the other plants in the vicinity. Always hire a professional to remove a stump in your backyard so that nothing is left behind, especially when using a stump grinder.

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    Why Stump Grinding?

    Not enough space. If you have limited space in your yard, getting rid of the stump and replacing it with beautiful garden or flowers creates a better view. Just imagine what you can add if you had all that extra space.
    Stumps is a magnet for insects. Leaving a stump in place over time will eventually begin to rot. Throughout the years, it will begin to harvest ants, beetles, termites and other wood pests. This can eventually spread all around and in your home.
    Eye sore. Let’s be honest, it is just ugly to have a stump in your yard. Nothing ruins a beautifully landscape than a stump right in plain view.
    It’s a pain. This creates more difficulties when mowing or weeding around the stump. It can also be a hazard to work around the stump if you are not careful or even damage your lawn mower.
    New tree growth. Sometimes it can cause small trees to begin growing around the stump. This create unattractive look to your landscaping. It can also be expansive to remove them as they may keep coming back.
    Dangerous. If you have kids playing or guests in your yard, they can easily trip and severely injure themselves. Anyone not familiar with your yard is at risk for accidents.

    How Does Stump Grinding Work?

    ​When a tree is cut, it is usually done as close as possible to the grade. Most times, the stump is left to rot, but it might need to be ground down below the grade mainly for esthetic reasons and to avoid insect infestations like those of termites and ants.
    Removing the stump from below the grade requires using a machine referred to as a stump grinder that will grind it down into small chips. Stump grinders are generally large machines that can oftentimes not easily fit through a small backyard gate. However, smaller versions can be used that have enough power to grind hardwood stumps too.
    Generally speaking, we will grind stumps to around 16 inches on average below grade, and then remove the grindings flush to grade. Once we are done, you can use the space where there was once a tree for other things like a lawn or a seating area.

    Why Should You Choose Tree Service Sandy Springs

    Now, if you have decided to get the stumps of previously removed trees ground down, Sandy Springs Tree Service is the right choice for the job. Not only do we use the best equipment, but our certified arborists have years of experience grinding down stumps of all sizes. Additionally, here are a couple more reasons to choose us:

    • Highly trained professional - Stump grinding requires more than a machine and an operator. It is a combination of experience, techniques, and machinery to deliver the optimal solution for stump grinding.
    • We Offer Discounts – We are one of the few tree services in the city that offer discounts on larger jobs. So, if you need more than one stump removed, we can provide you with a very competitive price.
    • No Extra Fee – We do not charge for hauling away the wood chips like some other companies. So, there is no extra charge associated with our stump grinding service.
    • We Can Handle Large Jobs – If you need a large expanse of land cleared, we will charge you a flat hourly rate. Furthermore, you can expect our best prices for this type of work.

    Call Our Arborists Today

    What is the best way to remove a stump from your backyard? Our expert team of arborists can give you the best advice and tell you if stump grinding is a viable option. Plus, we’ll quote a price for the job right away.

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