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Removing a massive tree is an intricate process that many people have seen in movies and shows. However, the process is a lot more time-consuming and intricate than the often-edited movies will have you believe. Tree cutting isn’t easy, and it certainly does not take a few minutes. That said, after a tree has been removed, the stump also needs to be taken out. Stump removal happens to be just as complex as cutting down the tree and a major part of our tree services.
We often tell clients that tree removal isn’t complete without stump removal. Stump removal is an important step that many tree services fail to mention when they initially speak to clients because it is offered as a separate service.

Why is Stump Removal Important?

Now stump removal is a significant part of our tree services and especially our tree removal service because:

  • It Improves the Property’s Appearance – When you have a couple of stumps in your backyard, not only does the space look awful, but there is always the danger of tripping over it, resulting in injuries.
  • Make the Space Unusable – When you have a stump sticking out of the ground, it limits unusable space.
  • Leads to Unwanted Insects – Stumps in the yard attract unwanted insects, leading to an infestation. So, a stump in your yard that’s left unremoved for several weeks can endanger other plants and trees.
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    Stump Removal Methods Atlanta & Beyond

    Interestingly, there is more than one away to remove a stump. Some of the most common methods include chemicals, digging up the stump, and burning it. All of these methods are labor-intensive and aren’t the safest. The fastest, most efficient stump removal process is to use a power stump grinder in our experience. However, most homeowners don’t own a stump grinder, which is why they would want to hire a professional service like ours.
    It is possible to rent a stump grinder from a local store, but the process itself also requires a degree of planning and understanding how to operate the equipment safely.  Save your time, money and hire our skillful professional to do the toughest job.

    Why Hire Our Stump Removal Service?

    ​We acknowledge that it may be less expensive for homeowners to handle their own stump removal; it isn’t the best idea. For starters handling your own stump removal isn’t safe, and you as a homeowner may not know what to expect. You most probably don’t have the expertise and skills needed to be able to remove a stump wholly and efficiently.
    Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to call us to remove a stump on your property:

    • Safety – We will secure the work area and ensure the safety of all family members
    • Proficiency – We work fast to remove the stump using a high-powered grinder
    • Clean-Up – Our professionals will dispose of the debris from the work area
    • Protection – We pay close attention to every detail to prevent any damage to your home or property in general

    So, if you are looking for a stump removal service that’s affordable and guarantees a clean area afterward, look no further, call Sandy Springs Tree Service today for a free quote.

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