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As a property owner, you are already aware of the fact that mature trees offer a myriad of benefits around the year. You benefit from summertime shade, shelter from violent storms, and a reduction in energy costs, making established trees an asset to any property. Unfortunately, there are occasions when a tree or trees which have reached full maturity will have to be removed. While tree removal is often an undesirable action and there are unwanted costs associated with it, there are several reasons to consider it.
Issues that warrant tree removal:

  • A tree that’s been severely damaged by ice, i.e., snow or a storm
  • A tree that may be dead or dying
  • Concerns relating to the tree encroaching on to a neighbor’s property
  • Diseases and or infestations
  • If the tree poses a safety concern for you and your family
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    We Provide Safe Tree Removal Services​

    Sandy Springs Tree Service are committed to preserving the health and wellness of trees. We have the required resources and experience, which allows us to deal with trees for which the only solution is complete removal.
    We use the latest equipment, safety gear, and safe techniques to ensure that the tree removal does not cause any property damage or bodily harm during the removal process. Our team starts by thoroughly examining the tree before coming up with a removal plan. Doing this allows us to plan for all possible outcomes and remove the tree in the safest manner possible. ​

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    We Use the Best Tree Removal Equipment

    Removing a large tree is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job that may require many hours of work. However, to complete the work reliably, safely, and efficiently, we use the latest and best equipment. Our equipment includes but isn’t limited to:

    • Various types of aerial lifts
    • Chip trucks
    • Light duty cranes
    • Chainsaws
    • Wood and brush chippers

    Our attention to detail and the adoption of best practices, in addition to the latest techniques, ensures a reduced impact of the removal process on your property. Once the removal is complete, our specialists will clean up, leaving behind a clean site. Furthermore, we use different equipment types to handle any size tree removal project while ensuring that it (removal project) is completed on time and within the prior stated budget.

    How Does the Tree Removal Process Work?

    When it comes to professional tree removal services in the Sandy Springs, GA area, Hank's Tree Service stands out as a leader in the industry. Our approach to safe and efficient tree removal begins with a thorough on-site assessment conducted by our skilled team of technicians and certified arborists. This initial step allows us to fully understand the condition and location of the tree, ensuring we can devise the most effective strategy for its removal.

    Our process involves the meticulous cutting of the tree into manageable sections, employing a variety of specialized tools and techniques tailored to the specific requirements of each job. At Hank's Tree Service, we pride ourselves on our use of state-of-the-art equipment, including logging trucks, cranes, and woodchippers, all designed to expedite the removal process while prioritizing the safety of your property.

    Adhering to the highest standards, we rigorously follow local Sandy Springs regulations and industry best practices throughout the tree removal process. Our commitment to these standards means that property owners often don't need to be present during the removal, allowing us to work efficiently and autonomously to minimize disruption to your daily activities.

    However, we recognize that tree removal in certain jurisdictions within the Sandy Springs, GA area may require a permit, depending on factors such as the tree's species, size, and location. As part of our comprehensive service offering, our knowledgeable team is available to guide you through the permitting process, ensuring compliance with all local regulations.

    Understanding the significance of removing a tree from your property, we encourage homeowners and property managers to consult with our experts. Whether you're dealing with a potentially hazardous tree or looking to clear space for new landscaping projects, Hank's Tree Service is here to provide expert advice and a seamless removal experience.

    For a stress-free tree removal process in Sandy Springs, GA, Contact us today. Our friendly arborists are ready to offer you a no-obligation, free quote, tailored to your specific needs. With Hank's Tree Service, you can trust that your property is in professional hands, as we work diligently to ensure a clean, safe, and efficient tree removal process.

    To make sure you comply with all of the local regulations, visit the local Sandy Springs governemnt page for Tree Removal Permits

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