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Tree trimming and pruning are one of the most critical steps to take to sustain the health and improve the growth of your trees. Pruning and trimming are also essential to ensure that your tree continues to look aesthetically pleasing. That being said, doing it yourself often results in many numerous issues that arise from incorrect pruning practices. Wrong pruning techniques, for instance, can lead to severe damage to the tree.
Pruning is a science and involves an in-depth understanding of the tree's biology, recognizing its flaws, and then skillfully eliminating its defects or at least minimizing them via the pruning process. All of this needs to be done without hindering its growth or causing damage.
To us, trimming and pruning is an art form we've mastered over the years. We know how to aesthetically shape a tree by properly removing deadwood, giving it a fresh, often enhanced natural look.

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees?
The best time to prune your trees is anytime from late fall to early spring. You might even want to consider what's called "dormant pruning" in late fall to save time and money since it works very well for disease management.
All species of trees are different, and knowing when to trim and prune them can be beneficial for their long-term growth and longevity. That's one reason why it is important to hire a team of certified arborists to handle trimming and pruning for you.

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    Removing all excess deadwood and branches is a major part of tree maintenance because it also helps shape the tree's look. Clearing away dead branches also makes the tree grow better while ensuring that sunlight passes through it down to other shrubs and plants below. At times it may also be beneficial to reduce the height and size of the tree.
    As experts, we start by examining a tree closely to determine what is needed to ensure that it grows optimally and looks excellent. We then outline all the branches to remove strategically. In our experience, there is certainly a wrong way to trim trees, which people in our profession refer to as "topping." The act of topping a tree makes it appear deformed and leads to the creation of a dangerous windsail or, worse, a dead tree. Our job is to ensure that the tree continues to look healthy, natural, and well balanced.

    Part of our trimming and pruning service is the removal of all branches and disposing of them adequately. So, you don't have to worry about cleaning up the backyard or your estate. Our service extends to commercial and residential clients alike who are in the market for a professional tree pruning service.

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    Why Choose Us?

    This is our number one priority. We are continuously evaluating our processes and ensure our tree experts utilizes the best practices for tree trimmings. They are also equipped with the best protective gears along with regular maintenance for all our machinery.

    Our outstanding reputation speaks for itself. We provide high quality service that continue to be validated through our reviews. Our valued clients not only use us multiple times but their referrals contribute to our success today. We are committed, on-time and we treat you like family.

    20+ years of experienced with team of experts and excellent customer service.  All our arborist are licensed and insured. We provide continuing education for our highly skilled  professionals so they are knowledgeable to make clear effective solutions onsite. This allows us to work smarter, more efficient, and ensure the safety for all.

    Professional trimming and pruning annually is the key to a healthy and great looking tree. Call Sandy Springs Tree Service  to speak with our arborists today or to get a free quote.

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