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When Is It Time To Remove a Tree?

tree in your yards signifies life and an understanding of the art of landscaping. It’s luscious, pretty, and harmonious to look at, but there are times that a tree can be dangerous. When a tree dies or is decaying, it usually is not a cause of concern, but if their location is near hazardous areas like power lines or a busy street, it’s time to remove them.

There might be moments where you remember the years you and your tree shared, but as a responsible tree owner, you need to look at the bigger picture and learn to let go of your tree, especially if it’s already beyond help.

When it comes to cutting down a tree, our rule of thumb is to remove a tree the moment you notice that it’s dying. The longer you let it slide, the more dangerous it becomes.

A dead tree isn’t the only reason why you need to remove one, here are some other cases where you need to consider removing a tree.

  • The tree is dying – You’ll need to check the tree thoroughly as there are times when a tree is failing because the signs and symptoms are inside the tree. Otherwise, check the tree’s branches or trunk if it’s showing any signs of decay. It is worth noting that decaying trees are hazardous to remove by yourself. There are certain hollow parts that you won’t notice when cutting it down, especially if it’s your first time to cut down a tree. Be extra careful.
  • The tree is damaged – If a tree is damaged by a storm or other forces of nature, check if it still can be mended. If the damage is significant, it’s better to remove the tree.
  • Renovations – If you’re planning some structural changes like a new shed or landscape project, then you would need to remove the tree.
  • Blocking sunlight – A tree might be an excellent finisher to the overall look of your yard, but if it’s blocking out too much of the sunlight that your plants need then you might want to trim it down or remove it.
  • The tree is slowly falling – A tree looking crooked or leaning towards one side is very dangerous. You won’t have much time and symptoms when its roots will give up and make the tree fall. It’s better to get the tree removed in this instance.
  • The tree branches are growing too close to a structure – If you notice that your tree branches are slowly reaching out to things like your windows or the power lines, then it might be worth considering cutting it down. We recommend that you check this from time to time as instances like this are not that obvious compared to other ones we listed
  • The roots are becoming a nuisance – When the roots of the tree become invasive, it’s time to consider cutting it down. Roots tend to grow in a straight line, which means problems for your plumbing or septic systems. This may be the cause of leaks and on your pipes and in some rare instances, damage to the foundation of your house.

There are times when a visual check is not sufficient to know if there is a problem with a tree. That’s why you must understand what things to look out for and how to find them. Having them professionally inspected by a tree removal service is also a great decision and will definitely make a lot of things easier. Some things to look for are :

Infestations or a disease: If you notice an infestation of insects or an illness, then it means that your tree will eventually wither and die. It is best to start considering cutting a tree down at this point.

Crack marks in the trunk: Check the tree’s enormous trunk ( Usually at the bottom near the ground). If there are any noticeable or significant damage to the trunks, it means that the tree’s stability is already compromised. Cracks like this might give out in the future, and it would be wise just to cut the tree down before it incurs any damages to your property.

There are other warning signs of a damaged tree, and as a tree owner, it is your responsibility to care for and cut the tree down when needed. Always consider what might happen or what danger your tree might possess when doing a check-up. Safety first!  Feel free to give Hank’s Tree Pros in Sandy Springs a call to handle your tree removal needs.


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