When should a tree be cut down?

Most people ask this question, but there are several factors you need to consider before cutting down a tree. First is the risk of cutting down a big tree. If done incorrectly, a falling tree can cause property damage to you and your neighbors.

The second thing to check is why you’re cutting down the tree. Is it dead? Are the roots showing on the surface? Is the tree showing signs of stress? These factors indicate a dying or dead tree. But you also want to double-check the trunk as sometimes a tree is just preparing for extreme weather like in winter.

If you’re dead set on cutting down the tree, we recommend that you do it in the late winter or early spring. The logical reasoning behind this is that many of the leaves have fallen off, which removes a considerable bulk of the tree’s weight. This timing in cutting it down makes it easier for you to reach and cut the branches. If you’re utilizing a professional tree cutting company, then scheduling your tree cutting during these times will mean less time and effort is required for cutting the tree. Less time, less expensive professional fee.

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